A range of versatile, high-performance DIY adhesive products for the automotive sector is available from Pratley. The range is ideal for various quick, on-the-spot automotive repairs, especially where well-equipped mechanical workshops are often unavailable.

When deciding on the best adhesive for automotive repairs, Pratley’s wide range saves time and money. “This is a well-suited market for our adhesives, as many of our products were designed to aid in automotive repairs,” explains Pratley National Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bell.

Pratley National Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Bell.

Pratley Grey RTV Silicone

A new flange sealant and gasket maker in the form of a tough and elastic silicone rubber for superior sealing. It can tolerate extreme temperatures of -50°C to +300°C for short periods and is resistant to diesel, paraffin, water, oil, and anti-freeze. The product has no negative effect on electrical components such as vehicle sensors as it is non-corrosive. It is also ideal for engine sumps, gearboxes, pipe flanges and water pumps.

Pratley Wondafix® Auto

A tough yet flexible repair compound that sets black in colour. It can be used for problematic car repairs such as cracked car dashboards, scuffed hoses, damaged car bumper rubber, car air vent pipes and vacuum hoses, vinyl car seats and side panel trim, and cracked windshield rubber seals, mouldings, and flashings.

The Pratley head office and manufacturing facility in Krugersdorp.

Pratley Steel Quickset®

A quick-setting adhesive metal filler and mender that sets hard and matches the colour of most ferrous metals. It can be subjected to filing, sawing, machining, and sanding. Typical applications include repairing cracked castings, making fillets or filling seams in metal parts, bonding ceramics, slate, and tiles where the colour matches, bonding metal parts, and building up stripped threads on bolts.

Pratley Steel Putty

Ideal for applications such as sealing metal water tanks and repairing cracked sumps, metal castings, metal radiators, and metal petrol tanks. It can also be used to fill blow holes and for engine castings. A major advantage of the putty is that the putty can be extensively machined after curing, meaning it can be easily cut, drilled, sanded down, and painted as required. Another significant benefit is it will not corrode, making it ideal for humid environments where corrosion is present.

Pratley Steel Putty and Pratley Steel Quickset.

Pratley Pratlok® Thread-locking adhesives

The easy-to-understand, colour-coded grading of the Pratley Pratlok® range of thread-locking adhesives makes it ideal for the automotive industry. These essentially eliminate the loosening of fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, and studs. In addition, they also seal joints and prevent corrosion. The range includes a variety of grades suited for any size and application, including Pratley Pratlok BRG Grade, used to replace press fits with slip fits. It is a low viscosity-retaining grade for retaining bearings onto shafts and into housings.

Pratley 1-2-3® Quickset

A tough acrylic three-step bonding system that is excellent for use on aluminium, able to join almost all well-matched surfaces and substrates. It is ideal for bonding rear-view mirrors to car windscreens. It can also be used to bond metal parts and stiffener ribs to sheet metal instead of spot welding or riveting.

Pratley Ezeebond®
A sophisticated third-generation, ultra-high performance adhesive ideal for bonding reasonably well mating surfaces. It can replace spot welds and rivets, and is an exceptional adhesive on most rigid plastics, fibreglass, and aluminium. Pratley Ezeebond® can also bond rear-view mirrors to windscreens.

Pratley Powda Bond repair kit and Ezeebond adhesive.

Pratley Powda Bond®

A handy adhesive and powder filler repair kit that can be used as either a two-part kit or as a single adhesive. It has great gap-filling properties, sets ultra-fast and can be painted, sanded, filed, and exposed to water (maximum 40°C) once hardened. Applications range from car bumpers to damaged wheel caps, motorcycle fairings and radiator overflows. Pratley Powda Bond® is also perfect for repairing any broken plastic clips. Its one-of-a-kind formulation ensures that the adhesive penetrates quickly through the powder filler and onto the substrate, thus ensuring maximum bond strength.

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