As a progressive energy and solutions partner firmly committed to enriching lives for a sustainable future, Engen again partnered with Grain SA as a proud sponsor at Nampo Cape 2023.

Nampo Cape 2023 took place in Bredasdorp in the Overberg region of the Western Cape from 13-16 September.

Engen is proud of its longstanding partnership with Nampo and of its commitment to supporting South Africa’s farmers.

Nampo Cape was an ideal platform for Engen to demonstrate its commitment to helping grow and sustain the agricultural sector through its innovative product solutions.

Themed the ‘Green Energy Revolution,’ Nampo Cape 2023 featured a variety of the latest technologies in the green energy sector.

Engen, whose relationship with Grain SA stretches back over 40 years, participated under the theme of “Sustaining the Nation Together”, which aligned with their hosts’ vision of a more sustainable agricultural sector.

Engen’s new Bioplastics product range demonstrated the company’s commitment to minimising plastic pollution and exploring sustainable alternatives to ensure a greener future for all.

Engen’s bioplastic solutions are ideal for farmers because unlike conventional and oxo-biodegradable products – which create microplastic pollutants – Engen’s bioplastics are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and do not contain any fossil fuel compounds, further limiting their effects on the environment.

With over a century of experience fueling and lubricating agricultural equipment, Engen offers a wide range of petroleum products, supported by the country’s largest national distribution network.

Furthermore, Engen’s high-performing lubricants and fuels are endorsed by most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of agricultural equipment and tailored to operate under severe African weather conditions.

Engen’s hard-working products have been developed to provide the best protection for farming equipment to help increase productivity and reduce costs.

The company’s lubricants are also specially formulated to withstand the harshest African weather conditions, with our recently launched Engen Dieselube 700 Super, advanced from CI-4 Plus to CK-4 API technology, which promises to continue its legacy as the best heavy duty diesel formulation engineered for African conditions.

An extensive range of Engen products suitable for South Africa’s farmers was showcased at the Engen stand at Nampo Cape, including the Engen Dieselube, FoodPure and grease product ranges, as well as Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm.

In South Africa, it is estimated that one in every two farmers relies on Engen’s expertise and technical excellence.

Engen understands that farmers face tough challenges every single day, including harsh weather, price fluctuation, and tough competition, which is why we are committed to making life easier for our customers.

Engen welcomed visitors of all ages to its interactive stand at Nampo Cape, which was located in prime position by the ever-popular Engen 4×4 track. This track was expanded a few years ago to include an extreme 4×4 section and was just one of the activities that visitors could enjoy courtesy of Engen.

Visitors were also treated to a range of Quickshop & Co. products, as well as Engen’s new Café 365 experience and great-tasting Brazmata coffee served by friendly baristas.

Engen is excited to continue its partnership with Nampo Cape as we remain committed to being sustainable solutions partner to farmers, focusing on the supply of superior quality products and tailor-made solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

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