The CEO and President Dr Litha Magingxa will lead a team of agricultural scientists and experts at the  World Science Forum from 6 to 9 December 2022 in Cape Town. The theme for the 10th World Science Forum is Science for Social Justice which will be held on the African continent for the very first time. To be exact, South Africa will be the fourth country in the world to host the WSF outside Hungary.

WSF brings together civil society, leading researchers, scientists, and policymakers to deliberate on challenges and solutions facing science in the present century and the impact it has on social justice globally.

ARC scientists will speak under different sub-themes including the impact of Covid-19 and global warming on agriculture. The agricultural sector is facing a myriad of challenges that put food production at risk and WSF is a valuable platform for the mobilisation of the relevant bodies to rally against issues negatively affecting the sector, particularly global warming

 ARC researchers and experts will also be participating in an exhibition and members of the public are encouraged to visit the ARC stand.

Source: ARC Marketing and Communications