The world’s largest grower, processor, and marketer of macadamias, The Marquis Group, has reiterated its long-term commitment to its more than 485 macadamia grower suppliers amid falling prices for nuts globally. The price of macadamias has fallen approximately 30 per cent since 2021, along with falls for almonds and other nuts across the global market.

Larry McHugh, Chief Executive Officer of Marquis Macadamias, said although the industry experienced price falls together with a year of unpredictable weather, the Australian macadamia industry is still primed to grow with increasing popularity, increased global interest, and shifts in international trade.

“The market is down and it’s a difficult moment for growers right now with reduced prices seen across the industry,” he said.

“However, the Marquis Group has a long-term commitment to our growers and we are working hard to expand markets and improve conditions for them.”

The Marquis Group’s marketing company, Marquis Marketing, has identified key countries such as India where the potential for macadamia imports is high.

“We’ve identified a number of countries that have a growing appetite for our native nut, with new products being continually developed across the industry,” Mr McHugh said.

“There’s been a growing interest in macadamias in India, so the free trade agreement is a great opportunity for Australian farmers to drive sales.

“At the moment, the duty for exports to India is 32 per cent, but without it, I believe macadamias from Australia will be very popular.

“We’ve also seen increased interest from new customers in existing markets as the current price point makes our premium nut more affordable.”

Mr McHugh said the partnerships Marquis has developed with distributors across the world aids in reaching new international brands and markets.

Marquis Factory and Staff.

“We are constantly working alongside our sales and marketing team to forge additional global alliances that result in product innovation and new worldwide distribution channels,” he said.

“As part of this expansion, we’re actively working with the global macadamia industry, including the World Macadamia Organisation, Australian Macadamia Society, Australian, South African and Kenyan growers and producers, to help build the industry’s sustainable, long-term future.

“We know that the world’s crop is expanding along with the Australian crop, so we’re concentrating on developing the market to shift demand ahead of supply and maintain this over the next 10 years, giving macadamia growers confidence in their business.”

Macadamia farmers across Australia and South Africa rely on Marquis’ world-class grower support as it helps to equip the network with progressive farming practices to increase production, quality, and profitability.

“Our regular grower field days are integral to ensuring our growers are equipped with practical applications of the latest research and industry developments,” Mr McHugh said.

“Although the industry is in a difficult place right now, we are confident that with continuedcollaboration, we will have a sustainable and thriving future ahead.”

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