With an engine for nearly every application, Japanese engine manufacturer Kubota has expanded its range of diesel only engines to include everything from 5kW motors for pump and lawnmower applications to powerful 160kW motors for large tractors and bespoke industrial applications.

The engines also power a large number of equipment manufacturers’ machines and are a first choice wherever reliable performance is required. For over 30 years Kubota in South Africa has been represented by its longtime distributor Smith Power Equipment with its substantial network of dealers that is able to service customers in all parts of the country and across borders.

In most instances spare parts and direct engine swaps are available to support machines with Kubota engines, except in some instances where original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) enter into specific agreements or modify engines to not accept standard Kubota parts. In the case of new builds or where the engine is required to replace another manufacturers’ engine the Smith Power Equipment team is also technically trained to assist with design specific requirements to ensure the Kubota engine is installed and fit-for-purpose.

Clement Ngamlana of Smith Power Equipment adds that the engines are industrial variable speed motors good for dusty agriculture equipment, construction machines, fire pumps, chippers, crushers, air compressors and many other factory applications.

“The main reason our customers specify the product is piece of mind arising from its long and proven track record spanning decades in the country. Our engines are also comprehensively covered by 2-year / 2000-hour manufacturer’s warranty. They also run at low revs for low fuel efficiency and less strain which also equates to lower emissions.

“One of our clients recently enquired about replacing his 14-year-old borehole pump engine that has worked flawlessly day in and day out. It’s still running but he thinks it may be time to upgrade and this just speaks volumes about the quality of Kubota engines and makes it a truly unbeatable option in any suitable application,” says Clement.

He adds that typical easy-to-service Japanese engineering ensures quick maintenance and there is field service staff available to assist end users wherever it is required. Buying a Kubota is all about uptime and we are available to make sure that it keeps running reliably for as long as it is needed. Whether specifying Kubota for an entire range of equipment or just buy one to use in a standalone application, it is an investment in quality, is well supported and competitively priced for the South African market.

Powerful and reliable Kubota engines can be used to power a multitude of machines and equipment.

Source: Media Savvy Communications