World Microbiome Day celebrates the diversity of microbiomes. The day is annually celebrated on 27 June. The celebration’s aim is to create awareness for the various microbiomes and the microbial world that makes our wonderful earth flourish in little ways.

The microorganisms that often get overlooked are crucial role players in our daily lives. They help clean our environments, sustain food systems, contribute to animal and human health and well-being, as well as help fight against climate change.

If you are asking yourself which organisms do all these things, then you know exactly why a day creating awareness for them is so important. The list of organisms includes bacteria, fungi, protozoa or even algae. Any place where a community of these microorganisms live together is called a microbiome. It can be in the soil on your farm, in the silage for your dairy cows, and even within your livestock’s gut!

There are microorganisms that live in soil. Although you cannot see them with the naked eye, they serve an important function in soil health. (Source: pexels)

More research about microbiomes empowers farmers

By creating awareness of microbiomes and what they do, more researchers are able to receive funding to continue their work. Research into microbiomes help to better understand their essential functions. We know that they are key to digesting food and fighting off bad bacteria

With better information and improved access to this knowledge, farmers are able to better care for their farms. This means that agronomist and growers can better understand their soil and work to create healthy soil for healthy, strong crops.

It also empowers dairy farmers to provide good quality silage to their cows and livestock farmers understand their animal’s gut health.

Microorganisms in animal’s gut assist with digesting food and keeping your flock healthy. (Source: pexels)

Knowing more about microbes and the microbial world means knowing how to develop products that protect nature and don’t harm the planet.

World Microbiome Day 2022

World Microbiome Day was first implemented by the APC Microbiome in Ireland. This year, the main theme of the day is to create awareness for antibiotic resistance. It is an important topic because antibiotic resistance means that humans and animals become more susceptible to illnesses.

Fungi, such as mushrooms, are microorganisms. Others include bacteria, protozoa and algae. (Source: pexels)

Do your part in creating awareness for the fascinating microorganisms that share our planet with us. You can share your support on social media by using the hashtags #WorldMicrobiomeDay or #Microbiomes4Life.

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