What is a woman in one word? That entirely depends on who you ask, but for the ladies working at CNH Industrial, every word evokes courage and inspires other women to persevere.

During South Africa’s Women’s month in August, a hand full of women who work at CNH Industrial sat down to share their experiences and thoughts about being a woman in agriculture. According to them, a person doesn’t choose to work in agriculture, instead, agriculture is a sector that chooses you. All the ladies agree that they learn from each other and are blessed to be on this journey together.

CNH Industrial has a big drive to empower women within the industry. In the company, women have advanced greatly because the company has a philosophy of creating equal opportunity for everyone. This means that in many senior roles there are women who can add value not only to the business, but also to the agricultural industry at large.

To find out more about CNH Industrial, visit their website at www.cnhindustrial.com.