Crop care

Kynoch Fertiliser cares for nature through innovation and science

Kynoch fertiliser has a long history in South Africa of supporting farmers through crop care. As an agricultural inputs company, they provide a range of products to promote crop health, ...

29 Mar 2023 · 3 min read

Soil microbiology, the present and the future

Agriculture is in a time where the focus is increasingly placed on the subject of soil microbiology and "soil health". Regular discussions across the spectrum, between the media, produce...

7 Feb 2023 · 3 min read

Kynoch cares about the farmer

After more than a hundred years in the fertilizer industry, we still take care of your fields. Our experienced agricultural experts are ready to help you find the right nutrition for you...

27 Jan 2023 · < 1 min read

Soya bean inoculation at its best with ATUVA®!!

Since the breakout of Covid-19, the prices of fertilisers have been rising monthly. This has been compounded with the war in Ukraine. Regardless of whether the commodity prices of fertil...

22 Dec 2022 · 5 min read

Establishing a successful crop of maize: What you need to know

In this article, we discuss seeding rates, depth of planting, nutritional requirements and crop protection. [caption id="attachment_4171" align="aligncenter" width="352"] Neat seed sp...

1 Sep 2022 · 7 min read
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