Kynoch fertiliser has a long history in South Africa of supporting farmers through crop care. As an agricultural inputs company, they provide a range of products to promote crop health, and growth and cater to site-specific needs. But at the centre of their innovation, the company always ensures to place environmentally friendly products that are backed by science.

Enhanced efficiency through innovation is the word that this fertiliser manufacturer lives by. Every product that they develop is made after years of research that refines the product and continuously improves it. In this way, Kynoch Fertiliser ensures that every granule or drop of fertiliser serves your farm, feeding your crops with micro and macro-nutrients.

Innovation and science here in South Africa

Kynoch fertiliser has multiple facilities where they study, develop and manufacture their products. The research facility in Endicott closely monitors the effects the various products have on seedling growth. In this state-of-the-art laboratory, scientists can see what the results will be under various conditions. This means that Kynoch can guarantee the effectiveness of their products.

When the team of scientists study new and existing products, they carefully examine the growth of a seedling by tracking its progress beyond its maturation. It is also not limited to only one crop type.

The products are developed to be safe for the environment, it works with nature, not against them.

Science that pays off in the field

Kynoch Fertiliser develops and manufactures a wide variety of products. These include conventional granular- and liquid fertiliser, starter fertiliser, foliar fertiliser, water-soluble products and bio-stimulants. Products are also designed specifically for a certain crop in mind.

A farmer can contact a Kynoch representative to talk about the needs of your crop, in the soil type in your farm at its different stages of growth.

Recently, ProAgri visited a farm outside Bronkhorstspruit in South Africa to film the Kynoch products in action. Hennie Botha and his son Johan welcomed us and demonstrated how the fertiliser manufacturer supports his farming operation.

The product (MKP) is sprayed over the soya field.

Frik Botha, Northern Region Area Manager, took a sample plant to investigate the health of the soya plant. On the healthy specimen, the rhizomes were well developed and the plant had strong root development. Furthermore, the soya plant had the characteristic chandelier shape with pods forming on the main stem as well as branches.

The healthy soya plant has good rhizome development, strong roots, and the characteristic chandelier-shape.

This excellent specimen is exactly what you as a farmer want to see in your soya plants, and it attests to the effectiveness of Kynoch products that care both for your harvest and the environment.

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