Are you looking for quality Bosvelder sheep genetics? Look no further than Inni-Bos Bosvelders

Built from Africa’s history, for a future in the Bushveld. The Bosvelder sheep breed ideally consists of 50% Bapedi, 25% White Dorper and 25% Van Rooy sheep. The sheep are highly ferti...

19 Jul 2023 · < 1 min read

Van Schalkwyk Boerdery is offering a complete sale of Mutton Merinos and Mutton Merino x Dormers sheep

You are invited to the sheep auction, in collaboration with BKB, of Mutton Merino and Mutton Merino x Dormers. Animals on offer are: 1 721 Sheep 190 Ewes (pregnant) 209 Ewe...

13 Jul 2023 · < 1 min read

Vrystaatse Jongooiklub has their third year of proofs

The Free State Ewe Club is a study group focused on making sheep management more profitable. The group holds annual trials to test various management methods. For more information, co...

8 Feb 2023 · < 1 min read

Majobe Merino’s presents 29th production auction

Majobe Merino's has an intensive breeding policy. The goal is to produce top-performing ewes that deliver multiple lambs year after year. This year, on their 29th production auction, ...

16 Jan 2023 · < 1 min read

Build a sheep farm with Bonnox

Intensive and meticulous planning preceded Ian Wyeth’s move from the town to the farm to take up sheep husbandry. One of the solutions that accompanied him was Bonnox. “For years,...

26 Aug 2022 · 4 min read

Kanna makes sheep work easy

Kanna’s affordable wool presses press wool just as effectively as the automatic models. Better, quicker, easier, as well as more effective and affordable, that is what Kanna, the in...

30 Jun 2022 · 3 min read
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