Kanna’s affordable wool presses press wool just as effectively as the automatic models.

Better, quicker, easier, as well as more effective and affordable, that is what Kanna, the inventive designer and manufacturer of farming equipment, strives for. Kanna aims to make the farmer’s work – and life – easier, and helps him to generate a profit. That is no wonder, because their designs show that they were born on the farm for the farm.

The farmers talk and Kanna listens. This is clearly visible in their new affordable wool press model for smaller sheering houses for whom the automatic press is a little too advanced.

The new model has been designed with the same level of care as its predecessors and ensures the same quality despite being a bit more labour intensive for operators.

There are two versions of this new model available: Electric-hydraulic (3 to 4 bales per hour) and manual-hydraulic (2 to 3 bales per hour. The automatic model easily produces 6 bales per hour, but its increased productivity also reflects in its higher price.

All the different machines make work easier because the rods are pushed onto the wool, not into it. The press also has wheels to make work possible at any location.

All the models compress the wool to the same density, meaning that they all are equally effective to save space and transport costs. The less expensive models do not have built-in scales, but scales can be ordered separately.

Keep calm and sheer on

Working with sheep is child’s play with Kanna’s sheep conveyor.

To dose, sheer and examine your sheep is now the easiest thing in the world, thanks to Kanna’s sheep conveyor. The conveyor is on wheels, making it possible to hitch it onto a pick-up or tractor and drive it to where you want to work your sheep. It can be placed at the front of your race, and works with either electricity or the tractor’s hydraulic system.

It consists of two conveyor belts, arranged in a V-shape that lift the sheep gently off its feet and carefully moves it forward. Buttons to control the speed of the belts or to stop them are close at hand. The strong, neat structure provides space to hold the dosing equipment– no need to carry it on your back.

The sheep conveyor saves mounds of time, effort, and labour, helping the farmer to work quicker, more efficiently and with less stress to the animals.

There is more!

Kanna also make special circular wool classing tables that rotate to eliminate the need for the worker to walk around it, and wool bins.

Kanna’s cheaper wool press is just as efficient as their automatic model.

To find out more about the Kanna products that can make your farming tasks easier and more efficient, call Willa Nolte on +27(0)72-333-1051 or send him an e-mail to willa@kannaindustries.co.za. Visit their website at www.kannaindustries.co.za.