In the agriculture industry, shade netting has become an indispensable product for farmers to use to assist in crop growth and protecting plants from a variety of environmental stressors. From temperature control to wind protection, these specialised fabrics play a crucial role in helping farmers to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Here is the top Multiknit shade netting for farmers available today:

 SpectraNet for climate control

SpectraNet is the leader in climate control and light manipulation within the agricultural and horticultural sector. SpectraNet is made from high-density polyethylene and has the ability to modify light wavelengths that is optimal for plant growth. By altering the spectrum of light absorbed (ranging from blue to red) it promotes photosynthesis, photomorphogenesis, transpiration, and respiration in plants.

SpectraNet benefits:

– Provides protection against sunburn, hail, wind, insects, and birds

– Regulates temperature and humidity, reducing stress on crops

– Enhances photosynthesis and influences plant development

– Durable, UV-stabilised, and resistant to water absorption

– Available in various shades and patterns with different levels of light transmission

Knipol: Clear laminated waterproof shade net fabric

Knipol combines the benefits of SpectraNet with a clear, waterproof laminated coating. This unique fabric not only protects plants against harsh sunlight and weather elements but also offers protection against wind and hail. The waterproof feature ensures durability and prevents discolouration, making it ideal for farming where both shade and water resistance are needed.

Knipol benefits:

– Clear laminated coating for waterproofing

– Excellent wind resistance and UV stability

– Enhances light penetration for optimal photosynthesis

– Easy to install and join

– Comes with a five-year warranty against UV degradation

Knittex Windbreak Nets

Knittex Windbreak Nets are penetrable barriers that reduce wind velocity by approximately 35%, reducing damage caused by erosion, sandblasting, and temperature fluctuations. These nets are manufactured from high-density polyethylene with UV stabilisers and are designed to maintain air circulation while protecting crops, soil, and structures from harsh winds.

Windbreak nets benefits:

– Available in various widths to suit different agricultural needs

– Enhances plant growth, flower development, and crop yield

– Offers dust suppression and plant rehabilitation benefits

– Durable with reinforced knitted eyelets for secure installation

– Aesthetically pleasing with a mottled green/black yarn design

Multiknit Aquaculture Netting

Multiknit Aquaculture Netting is used for the growth and protection of aquatic organisms, from fish and crustaceans to aquatic plants. They are essential for maintaining optimal farming conditions in aquafarming, supporting various stages of aquatic life from fingerlings to adult organisms.

Aquaculture netting benefits:

– Specifically designed for aquaculture, ensuring the health and growth of aquatic species

– Facilitates proper water flow and filtration within aquaculture systems

– Durable and resistant to environmental degradation

– Available in customised sizes to meet specific farming requirements

– Contributes to sustainable aquaculture farming by promoting the right environment for aquatic life


Multiknit shade netting can be used for a variety of farming needs. By enhancing productivity and minimising environmental impact, farmers can reap the benefits of shade netting in their everyday farming and cultivation efforts.

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