There’s nothing worse than going full steam ahead with harvesting grapes destined for the wineries and next thing you look, there’s no more dry ice! This is the reason why Dry Ice International has set up a manufacturing plant in Cape Town, within easy reach of the wine-producing regions of the Western Cape.

Speed of dry ice deliveries is critical during the harvesting season. There’s no room for downtime due to power outages and water shortages, and hence Dry Ice International has made sure that they have covered all the bases to guarantee that their dry ice will always be available.

Back-up generators, extra CO₂ tanks and reliable transport, using the company’s in-house fleet of vehicles and network of couriers-on-call, are all part of the formula that is aimed at keeping the wine farmers functioning at optimum levels.

For close to three decades, Dry Ice International has been recognised as the leader in dry ice manufacturing and the company distributes throughout South Africa as well as to clients in neighbouring countries.

This versatile, safe and environmentally friendly material is available in different shapes and sizes (as round and square blocks, as well as 3mm, 8mm and 16mm pellets). The blocks are packed in boxes of 10kg, which makes them easy to handle and, when shipped to your doorstep, they will be in 20kg polystyrene containers.

Supplies from the Dry Ice International manufacturing plants in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Durban, and now in Cape Town, are literally just a phone call away, as their despatch teams are on standby 24/7, 365 days a year. During the grape harvesting season, dry ice can be delivered to farmers within 24 hours, so should there be a glitch and stocks of dry ice run out, help will be on the way at short notice.

Orders can also be placed online and credit card payments are accepted to keep admin to a minimum.

In addition to the uses of dry ice for winemaking, dry ice is also popular for keeping food and beverages cool when camping, fishing, and hunting – and it’s used to create special effects for the events industry.

24 Hour Emergency Numbers:

  • Gauteng (+27)83 375 6627
  • Kwazulu-Natal (+27)31 569 6209
  • Eastern Cape (+27)83 243 6483
  • Western Cape (+27)83 243 6483