Driven by one of the most trusted names in agriculture, Valley Irrigation uses the sun’s energy to power your agribusiness, providing your operation with a new level of energy independence. As a global leader completing hundreds of solar projects, you can count on our expertise to deliver clean, efficient power no matter the size of your operation. Providing personal attention to the service, generating quality design, and producing a greater return on your investment is the difference and how we shine best.

Ag Solar by Valley offers new possibilities for your business by making energy available in places where the traditional electric network may prove challenging, or to mitigate areas of high energy consumption within your business. Our solar service solutions are also ideal if you simply want to be more sustainable and cost-efficient with your energy.

We evaluate your situation to deliver a complete, customised solar solution that meets your operation’s specific needs.

From engineering and installation design to the financing and ongoing monitoring of your solar installation, Valley takes care of everything:

  • Distributed generation of photovoltaic, or PV energy (converting light into electricity).
  • Engineered design and approval of detailed technical projects.
  • Consulting on new PV installation focusing on agri-business.
  • Every solar installation offers remote monitoring capabilities.

Valley offers the most durable irrigation structures in the field, as well as the most advanced solar service solutions, providing sustainable power by efficiently converting the sun’s rays to clean energy.

Renewable energy meets the durability of Valley

Solar energy offers numerous benefits for agricultural irrigation:


Crops require more water when the sun is shining, which is naturally when solar panels are most effective.

Energy savings

Because the panels convert the sun’s rays to electricity, your operation will save on energy costs.

Reduced environmental impact

Rely less on fossil fuels for power and pumping.

Tax credits

Depending on your state or region, you may receive tax credits for using solar energy.

New possibilities

Where a traditional electric network does not exist, the pivot can be powered by the sun.