Theuns Dreyer, the managing director of Senter360, has 32 years of extensive experience in the irrigation industry, particularly in the design and project management of large-scale irrigation systems. His excitement about finding new ways to solve problems and the steady improvement of technology is inspiring.

Being absent from NAMPO for some time, Theuns is overjoyed to be returning, saying: “After a period of absence, NAMPO now allows me to see former clients and meet new ones, as well as foreigners who came through for the event.”

“Our center pivots are truly one-of-a-kind because they are made locally and tailored to our specific needs. A pipe frame is used instead of the typical angle iron used for international center pivots. Using this adjustment, we can increase the arc strength of our center pivot while decreasing the wind resistance,” Theuns explains.

The tyres on the pivot are marked Senter360, and they aren’t just tractor tires. Instead, as Theuns put it, they are “irrigation-developed tyres that leave less wheel tracks than the typical tractor tyre.”

Theuns Dreyer in front of his Senter360 center pivot at NAMPO.

Theuns places a high-value on product training, and he encourages his employees to participate actively in the process. The control panel is simple, and it can also be accessed via the Senter360 application, which is internet based. With an internet connection, the center pivot can therefore be controlled from a distance, and the application can be used to track where the pivot is.

A plate is used to protect the drive shaft coupling and gearbox seals from dirt and plant material, potentially damaging these components. As soon as the water pressure is stabilized, the center pivot will activate, and the panel will show when the farthest tower is starting to move. The application gives you useful information, such as the position of the pivot and will report back in the event of a fault.

Protection of the drive shaft coupling and seal.

In addition to allowing, you to control the status of your center pivot, the application also allows you to provide feedback on it. Minimal mobile data is used for the application, and there are no further annual or monthly fees after you bought the unit.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Theuns Dreyer: Call Senter360 at (+27)82-564-5955, or go to their website at for more information.