The six silos that can be seen when passing through Panda are the only landmarks and indications of civilisation, you really can miss it, if you blink! Even though it is small and would miss the average person’s radar, the village and its surroundings are magical and surreal.

Not only did the farmers in Botswana show exponential growth the past two years, but Reinke irrigation as well. During this time Reinke has successfully installed 22 pivots for farmers in the area, irrigating 376,5 ha of crops.

In the series of Reinke’s circles of success in Botswana, we visit several farmers in the Pandamatenga district to learn more about their irrigation needs and why they chose Reinke as their irrigation partner.

Episode 4, and the last of this Botswana visit, takes us to Jaco Strachan. He has 8 Reinke centre pivots that irrigate 115 ha. With Reinke as his irrigation partner, he is able to be less reliant on the fickle rainy season.

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