SCUBA Above and beyond

The new SCUBA compact close-coupled submersible pump from Xylem brings a new level of reliability and flexibility to primary water supply options for wells, tanks or reservoirs, sprinkler irrigation systems, and pressure boosting.

SCUBA quiet, compact multistage pumps are high performance and corrosion resistant, and designed to help people solve mainly domestic, light commercial and agricultural water challenges. A drinking water certified version is available upon request.

This makes them perfectly suited to applications like private wells or tanks for residential use, alongside the SCUBA DRY version for working outside of the well as a noiseless surface booster pump. They are also the ideal choice for irrigation, sourcing water from ponds, lakes, ditches or cisterns, as well as watering of domestic gardens or rainwater harvesting. Scuba also has light industrial use such as in car washing systems for water reuse, filtering machines or hoppers.

Water supply and pressure boosting solutions for multiple applications: domestic, irrigation and industry. SCUBA is perfect for private open wells, tanks and cisterns for drinking water supply – as well as rain water harvesting or silent pressure boosting with the new SCUBA DRY version.


Description of product (As thorough as possible)

The high-performance SCUBA range of 5” stainless steel submersible pumps delivers up to 12m3 /h and 100m max head with motor power up to 2,2 KW. The electric motor is cooled by pumped liquid, and an internal capacitor and built-in thermal protection means the pump does not require connection to a control panel for starting.

The new delivery head is a unique component made of precision casting stainless steel to provide extreme resistance to corrosion and ensuring a robust pipe connection. Each pump is equipped with high-efficiency hydraulics and abrasion resistant impellers that will ensure stable performance over many years. When used in coastal areas, the sacrificial anode kit accessory also lengthens life by protecting from corrosion.

Main Fetures

Delivery head in cast stainless steel Plug-in cables for easy replacement and installation Drinking water certified version available upon request High efficiency hydraulics – sand abrasion resistant impellers Laser engraved nameplate

Dry Version

The SCUBA DRY version is the right choice for installation in tanks for rainwater harvesting, or outside of a well or reservoir for boosting pressure, thanks to an engine cooled by the pumped liquid.