The Senter360 pivot is known for its above standard structure strength and durability, achieved through extra sets of steel pipe trusses fitted to each span, which is not only lighter than angle iron trusses but also more wind resistant due to its aerodynamic shape.

Senter360’s centre pivots are made in South Africa. They were at the NAMPO Harvest Day again this year where their products attracted a lot of enthusiastic attention.

Theuns Dreyer, Managing Director of Senter360, says Senter360 is popular all over Africa due to the efficiency and dependability of their irrigation equipment.

Senter360 offers solutions for all the farmer’s needs and soil conditions:

“Our four wheel drive system for clay areas is equipped with purpose designed irrigation tyres. The main idea is that it will not cause deep wheel tracks as like standard tractor tyres most other brands use,” Theuns claims.

Pipe structure

All the trusses on the system are made of pipe for increased strength, reduced weight and reduced wind resistance.

Different drive trains

Senter360 also caters for load shedding: “We have electric drive trains on a two and four wheel system, and then we have an optional petrol-driven system on a one tower machine, which is ideal for up to 3,5 hectares. Then we also have a water-driven pivot where power is only needed at the pump,” he added.

The petrol-driven pivot is more speed adjustable than a water drive unit but it uses about 1 litre of petrol per hour. With the water-driven unit you use only water pressure to propel the pivot.

With the electric pivots the farmer can adjust the quantity of water he wants by simply dialling the required mm on the screen. “The system will choose its running speed – anything between three hours to three days for each rotation,”

As part of the electric range our well priced optional solar integrated pivot control boxes can be ordered as a solar-alone or a grid tie solar control box where you simply bring in the raw power from the solar panels. This is a cost-effective option, Theuns says.

Senter360’s purpose made irrigation tyres will not cause deep wheel tracks in the soil.

The smaller Senter360 pivot centers are typically suited for anything from one to three towers. It can be a water, electric motor or petrol driven. If it is electric, it has its own control box available as standard or one of the solar options.

“These models are simpler and inexpensive. This pivot can be moved between different positions with your tractor’s hydraulic lift, which makes it perfect for use on more than one field.”

Standard Senter360 crop clearance is 3m. The high profile option is for sugar cane and it is a metre higher – 4 m crop clearance. We also provide a 5 m clearance pivot for bananas and extra high crops,” Theuns says.

All Senter360 machines are also available as towable to for use on different fields.

Sprinkler packages

Spending your money on a proper sprinkler system is really a wise investment. “We have a very high quality movable sprinkler with a rotating unit inside. It cuts the droplets into specific engineered sizes,  keeping evaporation to the lowest in the industry”.

Control your Senter360 on your smartphone

“The app system is downloaded from the app store at no additional cost. It is a web based system that a farmer can manage from his laptop or cell phone; for large projects we do optional full SCADA control systems, Theuns added.

Sam van den Berg, Christopher Schoonwinkel, and Theuns Dreyer at the Senter360 stand at NAMPO.

Contact Theuns Dreyer directly for more information and local support: Call Senter360 at (+27)82-564-5955, or visit their website at