Roekie Coetzee, branch manager of Agrico in Vredendal, explains how Agrico can help overcome the challenges of load shedding. They aim to fully exploit the potential in an area.

For Agrico, it’s important to keep up with irrigation technology. That’s why they’ve long started partnering in solar power.

Riaan Vermaak is an irrigation designer at Agrico. He explains that the system is simple: the frames, the panels on which the frames will be placed, and the VSD itself. The farmer can set it up themselves because it’s that easy.

The system switches between solar power and Eskom power as sunlight becomes available. The switch happens automatically, and the farmer doesn’t need to worry about it.

If a farmer can’t irrigate, they can lose their entire harvest. With this system, you can always irrigate, regardless of load shedding!

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