Valley® offers outstanding service to farmers across the sub-continent, including Zimbabwe. The main crops in Zimbabwe are maize, tobacco, wheat, and citrus. Valley® pivots apply the right amount of water exactly where and when it is needed for your crops.

Valley® has a wide range of options and features available, including span length, pipe size, pivot point options, and traction solutions to suit every need. In Zimbabwe, farmers use a lot of towable machines in various sizes.

“We use a lot of AgSense products across the region,” says Francois Griesel, Regional Sales Manager, Southern and East Africa for Valley Irrigation. “From soil probes to weather stations, some regions we also see a base station that emits a radio frequency where cell signal is not available.

“We have tremendous growth in Zimbabwe, through our dealer based in Harare, CPI (Centre Pivot Irrigation). They also cover multiple regions with inhouse dealerships and independent operators. Their six installation teams are continually erecting pivots all over Zimbabwe,” he added.

Munyaradsi Chihwy, a farmer from Percyvale farm in Zimbabwe, is very happy with his Valley® pivots. He farms with tobacco, barley and brassicas. “My first Valley® pivot (2017) is now five years old with 12 000 hours and haven’t experienced any problems,” says Munyaradsi.

He is growing tobacco for the seventh year on contract for ZLT (Zimbabwe leaf tobacco).

These tobacco plants thrive under irrigation from one of Munyaradsi Chihwy’s Valley pivots.Centre Pivot Irrigation

He has two two-tower Valley® pivots and one four-tower. “ZLT has worked with Valley® over a long period. They believe Valley® has the best pivots and my experience with Valley® pivots proves them right. l am convinced that Valley® is the best,” he added.

According to Munyaradsi, Valley® has the best customer service and they came to commission all the pivots on his farm.

His nearest Valley® agent is Centre Pivot Irrigation in Bluffhill, Harare. “It is 120 km away from my farm.”

Anesu Chihwy, one of Munyaradsi’s brothers, farms at Pembi falls. He is very happy with his one Valley® pivot. He produces maize, wheat, and soya beans. “A Valley® pivot has proved to be durable, and Valley® offers good customer care and after sales service,” he says.

Munashe Chihwy, another brother of Munyaradsi, from Cambridge Farm, Marondera, farms with Zimbabwe Leaf Tobacco (ZLT) and has two Valley® pivots with three towers each. “A Valley® pivot lasts longer and they have very good customer service,” he says.

To find out more, contact Francois Griesel at or +27(0)-67-412-9089 or visit Centre Pivot Irrigation in Harare, Zimbabwe or call them at +26-343-05728.