What a busy time it has been at Valley HQ! As the year draws to a close for those in corporate environments, the never-ending work of our growers has become more intense as the harvesting of crops, preparation for planting, and sowing of seeds are highly prioritized during this time.

I was fortunate enough to have recently visited some of our biggest customers in the Limpopo province, they reside in a region I have affectionately dubbed “Valley-Land” as the number of Valley pivots to be seen is truly astounding! They reminded me once more of how essential the work we do is and why pivots and technology play such an important role in agriculture. Accompanied by the Territory Manager for the region, we visited a few farms to photograph some crops and to the see the amazing projects that these growers are busy with.

One of the farmers we visited owns 27 Valley Pivots and is growing a variety of crops including wheat, maize, cotton and hops to name a few. As we adventured along certain parts of the farm, the healthy condition of the crops really stood out.

While exploring, we adventured down to the Crocodile river which runs through the farm. Owing to the extensive rainfall the area had received in the weeks prior to our visit, the river was quite full. The sound of the water was comforting in the intense heat and the monkeys’ loud chatter in the trees on the riverbank was such a wholesome feeling. While admiring this beauty, a yellow crop sprayer flew overhead, it was so close to the ground that it felt as if we could just reach up and touch it!

As it flew around spraying the crops, harvesters were busy in the other fields, trucks were making their way to the Cotton Gin, and everything was buzzing. It was truly a privilege to meet such a team of dynamic people and see how they have turned bare land into something capable of producing such abundance and how their ability to innovate has led to the creation of incredible projects. Another farm we visited had 2 very impressive Rainger Ditch Feed Linear Irrigation Systems. Seeing these in action was the highlight of my trip! The maize being irrigated looked very healthy and was growing so tall that we could no longer see the linear past its’ starting point from the ground level.

The 1 st canal with steps is 1,66km long and the 2nd is 2,12km long. It was fascinating to see this system in operation, especially when it was climbing the steps. It was also fascinating to hear about the turtles and little fish the farmer regularly finds swimming inside the canal! By the time we left this farm, it was around 40 degrees outside. There was no shade in sight and the insects were quite prevalent. Once again it was a valuable reminder of all that growers go through to help feed the world. Something we never think about when browsing the isles at a supermarket. Thank you to all the farmers, all over the world, for sustaining humankind and for all that you go through in doing so.

Valley Irrigation has always been very passionate about helping our growers get the most out of their operations, whether it be through water application methods or technology boosts, our systems and solutions are changing the world. It is an amazing feeling to be a part of that and to have witnessed 1st hand the difference that it makes. We will continue to strive for service excellence and keep supporting growers around the globe to help them get the most out of their land while saving valuable resources.


We are regularly seeing how our technology and solar solutions are making a great impact in the lives of farmers around the world. From newer solutions like Irrigation Insights to well established ones like Field Commander, the difference these make in agricultural operations is undeniable. Earlier this year, we visited a farmer in the Northern Cape who didn’t heed the warning his Irrigation Insights alerted him to, and to his regret, lost about 5Ha of crop. He was amazed at the accuracy of the solution and has since recommended it to other growers as a ‘pioneering and ahead of the curve’ technology innovation.

Another grower using Valley Scheduling also had fantastic results and shared photos of his maize towering way above his head. His pivots were also quite old (20+ years) and were still in an excellent operating condition. This is another testament to the durability, reliability and quality of Valley Pivots as well as the accuracy of our technology innovations. Speak to your Valley Dealer or Territory Sales Manager to find out more about the best solution/s for your farming operation.