Farming in the North West province has a long and rich history, and the use of pivots had a huge impact on the success of these farmers. In an interview with DG Fourie from the Rooipoortjie and Hartebeespoortjie farm, between Potchefstroom and Parys, we learned how Zimmatic irrigation supports these farmers and what benefits it has.

DG Fourie, a third-generation farmer from Rooipoortjie, told us about the rich history of their family farm and how they have proudly managed their farming business for the past 51 years. With a diversity of crops and a topography that includes diverse soil types, the Fourie family has built up a successful farming operation.

Pivot irrigation played an important role in their farming business and they make use of Zimmatic pivots with the goal of raising profits, especially during dry periods of time. They have nine pivots which they use to irrigate maize, oats and soybeans.

DG Fourie emphasised the financial and return benefits of pivot irrigation and says that it made a big difference in their farming operation. The reliability that Zimmatic offers as well as the excellent service they received from OBARO convinced them to continue using this irrigation system.

Regarding to their relationship with Zimmatic and OBARO, DG Fourie made it clear that they are pleased with the service and quality of products they received. It motivated them to invest in even more pivot irrigation systems.

In the challenging environment of the North West, where loadshedding and theft is a constant concern, the success of DG Fourie and his family became an inspiration to other farmers. He recommends Zimmatic pivots and irrigation systems to other farmers and is convinced that the quality of the products makes a big contribution towards the success of his farming.