Every farmer knows what animals eat is the basis of successful livestock production. That is why the serious livestock farmer prefers the feed mixer that gives him the best quality fodder with every mouthful that goes down an animal’s throat and which will finally determine the money that goes into the bank account. That feed mixer is bound to be a Rumax!

It is no mystery why Rumax leads in fodder mixing technology. This local manufacturer makes use of only the best skills, material and equipment to provide the farmer ultimately with only the best equipment. Farmers all over the country trust the Rumax feed mixer range, consisting of 5, 7, 9 and 15 cubic metre models – one of which will be exactly what the farmer requires for his needs.

One of the most popular and affordable feed mixers is the Rumax 7 with its two mixer augers with 80 serrated tempered steel blades, which shreds and mixes a ton of fodder in a matter of only five minutes, compared with the older model feed mixers. This robust mixing speed represents an important saving on diesel compared with old technology machines, which required ample time to ensure that the feedstock was properly mixed. What’s more, it saves time that can now be spent profitably elsewhere.

The farmer saves further time and money because Rumax equipment has been designed and manufactured to be as tough and dependable as possible so that repair and maintenance costs can be cut to a bare minimum.

One of the reasons for the favourable price of the Rumax 7 is the fact that it is chain driven and does not rely on expensive gearboxes. Furthermore: Because Rumax is locally manufactured, it is not subject to unfavourable exchange rates and high import costs. But savings is not the only advantage that Rumax holds for the farmer – Rumax also eliminates mistakes and waste so that the smallest part of the feed that the farmer pays for, ends where it will earn him profit in the end.

Every mouthful of Rumax-mixed feed contains everything that is necessary to provide the best possible growth and meat/dairy production. This is further made easier by an accurate weight scale and easy operation of the Rumax mixer. The Rumax 7 only requires 45 kW tractor power and the fodder is served to the animals in a palatable form with a chain-driven feeder or an auger according to the farmer’s choice. The mixer can also be used in a stationary position driven by an electric motor.

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Two sturdy mixer augers with 80 serrated tempered steel cutting blades ensure that the Rumax 7 shreds and mixes the fodder for your animals in a jiffy.

To round everything off – Rumax is supported all over the country by excellent after-sales service that will prevent animals on any farm having to bed down without their nightcap. Consequently it is no surprise that, in the two and a half years since the launch of the Rumax 7, more than one hundred of the excellent feed mixers have been sold all over the country to satisfied farmers. Farmers from various regions in South Africa have voiced their respect for Rumax feed mixers.

One of them is Carlo Nortjé, a Loxton sheep farmer, who says: “The Rumax 7 comes at a price that suits my pocket. More important – the craftsmanship is of such a high quality that you simply cannot break their machines. Further the Rumax people are a friendly and helpful crowd providing service of the highest order.”

Another of the many satisfied clients is Heni Visagie van Ottegat Trust, who farms with sheep between Sutherland and Calvinia. He has had his Rumax now for more than seven years and has so far not experienced any problems – only pleasure.

You can also spur your animals on towards their best performance. Talk to Jaco Pieters of Rumax on 082-335-3970 or 023-342-6070 (landline), or send an email to jaco@rumax.co.za. Also visit the website www.rumax.co.za to view the whole range of winning Rumax implements.