Stock feed is the feed manufactured for livestock animals to meet the requirements of a certain species. It can be produced in a mash, crumble, or pelleted form.

Livestock is an investment, so proper feed storage is an integral part of protecting the health and safety of your animals. If feed is not stored in the correct environment, it becomes prone to pests which may aggravate the spread of diseases, the chemical compounds in the feed may change leading to the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold, and the nutritional value of the feed may be reduced. This in turn will affect the performance of your animals and hence your return on investment.

Points to consider when you store your feed:

  • Provide a secure warehouse or storage area
  • The area needs to be cool and well ventilated
  • The feed needs to be away from direct sunlight and should not be exposed to the rain or any moisture

Store the feed on pallets that keep the feed off the ground. This is done to prevent condensation and mold growth.

Proper feed storage helps to preserve the quality and nutritive value of the livestock feeds you purchase, and helps save money by preventing spoilage. Feed is approximately 70% of the cost on your livestock enterprises, so make sure you look after your profits by looking after your most expensive production investment.

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