When it comes to small-scale operations such as 5 000 chickens or fewer, one might debate whether or not automation is essential. The correct response is “Yes”!

Because of increasing overheads and extra expenditures, farmers need to find ways to save money on all aspects of the business. But it is vital to do so while ensuring that the end product maintains a good, consistent price.

Many farmers attempt to save costs in creative ways, but there is only so much that can be done. You might run the risk of sacrificing quality if you try to save costs by using cheaper inputs.

Automation, however, can assist in preventing the farmer from trading in on quality to minimise expenses. It allows you to create optimal operations with little staff while also having constant input. This ensures that production remains at an ideal level. Automation, if combined with precise equipment, guarantees a consistent amount of work output at exact times. The result is increased productivity and less time wasted on repetitive tasks.

If the production rate increases, then the amount of money spent on each egg will decrease. This is accomplished through a steady supply of food and ensuring each animal consumes the same, optimal quantity of food. There is either very little or no food at all going to waste. If you use an automated system, it means that these measurements are precise, which removes the element of human error.

But what about medium-scale operations? The truth is that in midsize operations, other challenges arise such as ineffective cleaning. It is important to keep the chicken coop clean at all times. A clean coop maintains high levels of bio security, as well as provides safe working conditions for you and your staff’s health.

Using high-pressure washers and employees underneath the cages are a thing of the past. It leads both to broken eggs and undue stress. Instead, you can use a manure conveyor belt or even a dung scraper.

If you intend to reuse the chicken manure, you can consider selling it. This will allow the generation of yet another source of additional income. But it is critical to have access to an efficient process for cleaning manure without wasting water or modifying the manure’s composition.

Understanding the needs of your operation also means understanding that it will incur costs. The problem is not necessarily the cost of operations, rather, it is leveraging these costs in an effective way. The only way to accomplish this is to have automated solution that can offer you an optimal return.

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