Farmers want affordable tractors with technology they can use every day for many different operations on the farm. Very soon, farmers in Africa will have access to such a series of tractors. The best news is you do not have to go big to find clever!

With great enthusiasm and fanfare, Mahindra Tractors proudly announced the launch of OJA, the global platform for lightweight Mahindra Tractors. The Futurescape event proved that the future has arrived, and the tractor manufacturer is prepared with its user-friendly technologically advanced machines.

The global launch was held in the Western Cape in South Africa on 15 August, a date that also celebrates India’s independence.

“We chose South Africa as the location for our global launch, because we feel at home here,” Hemant Sikka, President, Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra explains. “Our auto brand has done very well over the past 20 years in this country, so we feel that we are now in a good position to bring tractors to the farmers as well.”

Incorporating the showcased futuristic technology, Mahindra introduced seven new tractors across the Sub Compact, Compact and Small Utility platforms.

Futurescape event unveils OJA tractors

Mahindra is currently the largest tractor manufacturer in the world in terms of volume. This agile, bold, and collaborative people’s company exists to enrich the lives of farmers by providing access to affordable technological solutions. This was evident in the technology they are bringing to market.

The unveiling at Futurescape consisted of seven new tractor models across three new OJA platforms. The platforms are:

  • Sub Compact (14,9 – 20 kW)
  • Compact (15,6 – 22,3 kW)
  • Small Utility (20 – 29,82 kW)

Between these three, Mahindra can address the diverse market needs of the USA, India, and the ASEAN markets, including Africa.

Four-wheel drive will be standard with all models within these platforms.

“What we have seen in India as well as South Africa is that people are not looking for a fully autonomous tractor, but they do want farmer-assist features,” Hemant says. “Our new tractors are not fully autonomous, but it has a lot of autonomy. That helps the farmer with his productivity.

“It is very important that we get the right machine to the farmer because he needs to get the work done.”

Mahindra from its own stables has a range of agricultural implements that complement the tractors and gives a complete solution for the farmer’s diverse needs.

The OJA series offer three technology packs that drive the connectivity of the tractors:

PROJA: The productivity pack that includes forward and reverse shuttle, creeper speed setting, PTO button operation, a multitude of gears, as well as tilt and telescopic steering.

MYOJA: The intelligence pack that includes telematics and service alerts.

ROBOJA: The automation pack that includes the auto PTO on-off function and auto implement lift.

This kind of technology used to only be available in tractors of 250 kW and above, now Mahindra is bringing it to lightweight tractors as small as 14,91 kW and intends to incorporate it in every tractor it sells.

The Futurescape event, which also featured a demonstration of the new tractor models, took place in the picturesque Western Cape of South Africa.

Mahindra technology that aims to benefits the farmer

Mahindra prides themselves in understanding their client – the farmer – and their needs. It is thanks to the time they have spent learning about their farmers and getting to know them intimately that they are confident in sharing their new platforms and innovative technologies.

That is also why they already provide the 3-2-3 offer for South African farmers. This means that Mahindra offers you a 3-year/ 3000 Hour Warranty, 2 year/2 000 hours service Kit at the time of selling the tractor, and they guarantee that if your issue is not resolved within 3 days (72 hours) of any breakdown, they will provide you with a replacement until the problem can be resolved.

The OJA technology will be available in South Africa from early 2024.

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