Mahindra Tractors, the world’s largest tractor manufacturer by volume, today launched its much-anticipated, future-ready range of tractors – the Mahindra OJA – at Futurescape, an event held in Cape Town, South Africa

Derived from the Sanskrit word “Ojas”, meaning Powerhouse of Energy, OJA is Mahindra’s most ambitious global lightweight tractor platform. Developed in collaboration between the engineering teams of Mahindra Research Valley, India, the R&D centre for Mahindra AFS and Mitsubishi Mahindra Agriculture Machinery, Japan, at an investment of $ 145 million, the new OJA range brings about a transformative shift in Light Weight 4WD Tractor design and engineering, to deliver cutting-edge innovation in tractor technology.

With 4WD as standard, the OJA range is based on 4 platforms:

Sub-Compact    –              20-26HP

Compact              –             21-30HP

Small Utility       –             26-40HP

Large Utility        –             45-70HP

Differentiated based on variations in weight and dimensions (length, width, and height), the 4 new platforms are poised to facilitate the introduction of more than 40 distinct tractor models by Mahindra. Encompassing a broad range of horsepower levels, from 20HP to 70HP (equivalent to 14.71kW to 52.48kW), the OJA range leverages 4 Engines and 4 Transmission technologies ensuring the adaptability of the OJA range for a wide range of applications, providing unparalleled versatility and efficiency to handle diverse agricultural tasks.

In Cape Town, Mahindra unveiled new tractors on 3 OJA platforms the Sub Compact, Compact and Small Utility platforms, addressing diverse market needs including that of the U.S., India, and ASEAN. With 4WD as standard, Mahindra also launched 7 new tractor models for the Indian market on the Compact and Small Utility platforms. These models range from 20HP – 40HP (14.91kW – 29.82kW).

By partnering with prominent attachment and implement suppliers at a global level, the OJA range will provide all-encompassing solutions tailored to the demands of farmers and a wide range of users. This will result in unparalleled product performance, catering to customers across various segments, including horticulture, paddy and vineyards.

During the Mahindra OJA launch, Mr. Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director and CEO (Auto & Farm Sector), Mahindra & Mahindra, said: “At Mahindra we are extremely proud of the Global launch of the OJA range, epitomizing innovation to transform farming globally. After kickstarting its exciting journey in India, the OJA range will subsequently be launched across new and existing markets. Encompassing over 25% of the Global Tractor Industry, OJA will also signify our entry into Europe and with Thailand serving as our gateway, we are all set to enter into the ASEAN region.”

Talking about the OJA launch, Mr. Hemant Sikka, President, Farm Equipment Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra said: A powerhouse of energy, the OJA range features 4 Light Weight 4WD Tractor platforms (20-70 hp). Pioneering technologies like Connectivity, Precision, and Automation combined with modern design, operator comfort, and convenience, ensure that the OJA range is world-class in every way. A monumental leap for us at Mahindra, these new tractors will redefine agriculture mechanisation across the globe, promising profound farm productivity.”

The Mahindra Oja tractor range will be exclusively manufactured at Mahindra’s state-of-the-art tractor facility in Zaheerabad, Telangana, India’s largest and most advanced tractor manufacturing plants. A vertically integrated tractor facility, this facility rolls-out Mahindra’s wide range of tractors.

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