Solar systems and generators, tractors, construction equipment and irrigation systems could be admired and acquired from the Saro Agro stand at the AgriTech Expo in Zambia. For all of the products Saro Agro sells, the company has developed a complete maintenance package at its various workshops.

Their outlets are SARO Head Office & SARO Soweto in Lusaka (SARO Soweto), Mkushi, Kitwe, Choma, Solwezi, Chipata, Kasama, Kabwe, Livingstone, Mumbwa, Mongu, and Mpongwe where they provide a professional back-up service, offering technical expertise as well as parts.

The Saro Agro team at the AgriTech Expo 2024.

Solar backup system and generators

With Saro Agro you do not have to experience power interruptions. The company supplies generator sets, diesel engines, electric motors and starters, and solar equipment. “We have various types of inverters, from 850 VA up to 10kVA. The customers can connect them as backup or use them with solar systems if they want to go off the grid,” says Kafula Kabwibwi from Saro Agro.

“We have the Zesco inverters and also have the hybrid ones with lithium batteries,” she added. They also have solar streetlights to make sure your farm is illuminated at night for security reasons. “We have smaller generators from 2,5 kVA up to 1 000 kVA that can be used at home, for pumping water or in hospitals or lodges,” Kafula said.

Tractor range

The Landini Discovery 60 tractor at the AgriTech Expo.

Saro Agro had the Kubota, Landini and TAFE tractor range to suit every farmer’s needs at the AgriTech Expo. “We have the 67 kW Kubota brand, Landini models from 44 kW up to 223 kW, and the TAFE range. The TAFE range is our biggest seller,” says Lisbern Mangani, Workshop Manager at Saro Agro.

“We have branches countrywide which makes it easy for our team to get as quickly as possible to the customer in need.” Saro Agro goes through a procedure of pre-delivery inspection before they deliver a tractor where they make sure that everything is in perfect working order before they give it to the client. This will also determine the lifespan of the tractor. They want a happy costumer who gets a machine that will work for years. Service is very important in all tractors. “If it is not done properly, the lifespan of the machine will be affected. We make sure we have the right trained teams to work on this. Most of the time, the problems can be fixed in the field,” he added.

Construction equipment – Bull TLB

Herman Rohm, Tractor and Construction Equipment Manager of Saro Agro, said the construction equipment was a new field that they entered.

“The Bull is a TLB from India and it is the ultimate solution for all your construction and farming needs. The big feature on this machine is the six in-one bucket. It can dig, grade, and clamp and is a very versatile machine. It is a 71 kW machine with four-wheel drive,” Herman says.

Features of the Bull:

  • TLBs can perform multiple tasks such as digging, loading, and excavating.
  • The compact size of TLBs makes them ideal for tight spaces and confined job sites.
  • TLBs are mobile and can be easily transported to different job sites.
  • TLBs are efficient machines that can perform tasks quickly and effectively.
  • TLBs are equipped with powerful engines that provide high performance and productivity.
  • TLBs are built to last and can withstand heavy use in tough working conditions.
  • TLBs are designed with safety features such as rollover protection and operator restraint systems.
  • TLBs are equipped with comfortable operator cabs that provide a safe and ergonomic working environment.
  • TLBs require minimal maintenance and are easy to service, reducing downtime and repair costs.
  • TLBs can be fitted with various attachments such as buckets, hammers, and augers, making them even more versatile and useful.


Inline drip irrigation equipment.

Steven Siisii, Assistant Manager in the Pumps and Irrigation Department of Saro Agro, says: “During the drought that Zambia faces, Saro came up with irrigation packages for small-scale, medium and large farmers.” Saro has the complete package for irrigation like drip irrigation, micro sprinklers, centre pivots, and inline irrigation. They also have different size greenhouses. Their solar centre pivot is designed and manufactured by Saro and they have portable pump sets for flood irrigation.

“They have a quality solar pump that can pump 3 600 litres of water per hour,” Steven added.

Visit Saro’s website at, contact Calvin Salah at +26 (0)97-571-4426 or +26 (0)21-138-7000-9/241477, or send him an e-mail to to find out more about their products.