During Women’s month, South Africans enjoy giving praise where praise is due to the mothers, rolemodels and industry leaders that work within the agricultural industry. Christine Bouwer, Managing director at Ripper Tillage Equipment is one such person.

Christine is a farm girl through and through. She grew up on their family farm and watched her father design and build implements that improved the soil conditions of the field it would run through. Thinking back, she still holds the same love for the soil and fascination for soil health as she discovered in her childhood.

“To smell that freshly tilled soil: nothing compares,” Christine remembers fondly. “I am thankful for what I have the good fortune of being able to do. I love it.”

Today she can live out her passion to a deeper level, thanks to the relationship between Ripper Tillage Equipment and Cerealis. Now Christine and her team can provide farmers with a perfect package that covers before, after and during planting season.

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If you are curious to know more about the collection of implements Ripper Tillage Equipment and Cerealis can give you, visit the Ripper Tillage Equipment website.