Comfort, protection and aesthetically pleasing … these are the components homeowners are looking for when planning their outdoor living, entertainment and parking spaces. Shade netting fills the gap in providing shelter from the environment while offering an aesthetic look. With a diverse selection of shade netting available, Colourshade stands out as a leader in both durability and style.

The eXtreme 32 shade netting is excellent in design and functionality. This product has a three-bar knitted, lockstitch pattern with fabric that integrates monofilament and type yarns for dimensional stability, tear resistance, and fray resilience. The meticulous knitting process ensures exceptional weft and warp stability, crucial for enduring outdoor installations and weather conditions.

One of the features of eXtreme 32 is its ability to block out up to 97% of harmful UV rays. This level of UV protection is achieved through a high-density coverage design with the weft yarns, ensuring not only safety but also longevity for any object stored underneath the shade net. The fabric undergoes a stenter process, increasing its dimensional stability and strength by shrinking and equalising yarn lengths and knots in the lockstitch pattern. This process effectively removes sagging and allows the shade net to stay in place throughout all seasons.

The Colourshade range is available in rolls of up to 33 meters or custom-cut lengths and has a standard width of 3 metres (folded to 1,5 metres for ease of transport and installation). Whether used for tension structures, shade sails, or creative shade designs, eXtreme 32 provides privacy, sun protection, and resilience against wind and hail. Its availability in over 30 vibrant colours ensures it can complement any outdoor environment while resisting fading due to high-quality UV stabilisers and refined pigments.

Multiknit’s eXtreme 32 Colourshade netting gives protection against all weather conditions, is aesthetically pleasing in any environment and is durable, making it an investment worthy of the cost. The netting is manufactured from virgin high-density polyethylene and each fabric in the Colourshade range has a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty against UV degradation.

Whether for commercial, industrial, or domestic use, the Colourshade range’s quality reflects the outstanding service-to-product ratio that Multiknit offers to their clients.

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