Imagine this: After you have worked hard ploughing and planting – grains, fruits, or even cover crops – you rely on another investment, your irrigation system, to ensure good emergence and growth despite erratic rainfall. But even then, all your inputs are still exposed to unreliable power supply and thieves. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that if you have a mobile irrigation system from Irrigation Unlimited.

Irrigation Unlimited’s Ocmis irrigation systems work with the pressure of the incoming water flow and only require connection to a good water source. Water-driven means that the water pressure from the pump in the borehole or irrigation dam pushes the sprinkler across the land. The cart with the sprinkler is placed on one side of the field, and on the other side, the pipe rolls up as the water pressure unrolls the pipe. That is also why it is called a travelling irrigator, because it travels slowly across the field to ensure that the entire strip is thoroughly irrigated.

Benefits of a mobile irrigation system

There are several benefits that a farmer can expect from the Ocmis system. Firstly, there is the obvious advantage of no power supply to remote fields – you just need to ensure that the pump can send enough water through the system from the water source.

Secondly, the travelling irrigator stands on its own set of wheels, meaning it can be hitched behind a tractor and locked away safely in a shed at night. It also means that one irrigator can be used on multiple fields. Once a strip is irrigated at the speed you set, it can simply be towed to the next strip or field on the farm.

There are also no electrical cables in the fields that can catch the eyes of thieves.

The area you want to irrigate will determine the size of your travelling irrigator, but with that calculation, the smart and helpful people at Irrigation Unlimited can quickly assist you.

The Ocmis travelling irrigator is driven by water pressure.

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Irrigation Unlimited is known for their excellent service and distribution network, providing quality irrigation equipment to farmers in southern Africa since 2003.

They strive to continuously provide quality products that meet farmers’ high standards. There is a wide range of mobile irrigation sprayers that suit every farmer’s needs, whether you want to irrigate grains, vegetables, cover crops, or pasture for your livestock.

Visit Irrigation Unlimited at their NAMPO stand C30 from May 14 to 17 to get advice from this expert team to find the right machine for your irrigation needs.

Irrigation Unlimited has several Ocmis models available that can fit your farm’s needs.

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