The ProagriMedia team had the honour to be part of LEMKEN’s international L-team series. LEMKEN L-Team is on the job for you. In flexible teams of machine experts, farmers and specialists, they face your challenges.

The sixth mission takes the L-Team to Krugersdorp in South Africa. At Greenway Farms, farmer Vincent Sequeira welcomes the experts. His challenge concerns soil cultivation in agriculture: many working steps in carrot cultivation with several agricultural machines cause high fuel consumption and wear and tear on his tractors.

He asks the L-Team for a solution for tillage: Which machines allow a more efficient way of working?

With the Juwel 8 in combination with VarioPack from LEMKEN, Vincent can save time and money on tillage – the machine offers seedbed preparation and recompaction in just one step. The machine also removes crop residues directly.

Can the plough make farming easier for Vincent? Watch the latest video and see for yourself!


The LEMKEN L-Team is made up of experts from a wide range of disciplines around the world. Flexible teams of machine experts, farmers, scientists and specialists respond to calls for action and provide the right solution depending on the challenge and location.

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