Are you visiting NAMPO Harvest Day 2024? Be sure to visit the Gallagher Animal Management stand (stand 40 and 41) to take a look at their many farm management equipment or security solutions that can make your life easier. Whether you need animal weighting equipment, water management tools, or solar powered energizers, you can find quality Bok van Blerk-approved equipment here.

Gallagher scales helps keep track of livestock weights.

Enhancing livestock management with Gallagher’s farm equipment

Ensuring optimal performance and health for your herd or flock is essential on any farm. Load bars and animal scales play a crucial role in this, allowing farmers to monitor weights, track growth, and adjust feed rations accordingly. Gallagher Animal Management offers a diverse range of scales tailored to your specific needs, along with other essential livestock management equipment like stock prods, auto drafters, and EID readers.

MBS6500i Multi Powered iSeries Energizer is available for pre-order at NAMPO. Come see Bok van Blerk at the NAMPO stand.

Farm equipment that secures livestock with Gallagher’s electric fencing

Gallagher’s electric fencing solutions provide reliable security for livestock, whether it’s containing animals, managing strip grazing, or preventing game from straying. The Gallagher team offers expert guidance in selecting the right fencing products, including a variety of energizers that cater to different needs. Choosing the right energizer is critical and depends on factors like security requirements, fence mobility, animal type, and power source availability.

Gallagher’s latest model, the MBS6500i Multi Powered iSeries Energizer, offers versatile power options—grid, battery, or solar—suitable for various farm setups. Although this will only be available for purchase during June, NAMPO-goers can pre-order their unit at the 2024 expo.

Satellite Water Monitoring System is one of the liquid monitoring devices from Gallagher.

Effortless water management with Gallagher’s liquid monitoring

Monitoring water levels on remote farms is simplified with Gallagher’s liquid monitoring equipment. Through satellite connectivity, farmers can stay informed about water levels in tanks and dams via a mobile app. This technology ensures constant water supply for animals and prevents dams from running dry. Additionally, the system can monitor other liquids, such as fuel tank levels, providing comprehensive fluid management capabilities.

Gallagher also offers a waterflow indicator to detect pipe leakages, further enhancing farm efficiency and resource management.

NAMPO 2024 highlights

Experience Gallagher’s innovative solutions firsthand at NAMPO Harvest Day 2024.  All the products mentioned in this article can be viewed at the event. You will be able to ask the knowledgeable Gallagher team to advise you about the correct products for your farm.

Visit their stall in the NutriFeed halls (40 and 41) for a chance to win Gallagher branded Veldskoen Vellies and enjoy special appearances, including an appearance by Bok van Blerk.

For more details on Gallagher’s products and services, visit Don’t miss out on discovering how Gallagher’s farm equipment can transform your livestock management practices!