SARO Agro Industrial Limited proudly participated in the Official Launch Ceremony of the National Agricultural Mechanization Strategy (NAMS) held at the Natural Resources Development College in Lusaka. The esteemed Guest of Honour, Vice President Honourable Mutale Nalumango, emphasized the pivotal role of NAMS in enabling smallholder farmers to cultivate 5000 hectares of various crops by 2027, thereby increasing agricultural production and productivity across Zambia.

At the event, SARO showcased a range of farming equipment, with a special focus on irrigation solutions. In light of the adverse effects of the El Nino phenomenon on the 2023-2024 rainy season, resulting in low rainfall nationwide, SARO’s irrigation equipment stood out as essential for mitigating drought challenges.

SARO presented comprehensive irrigation packages tailored to suit different agricultural needs. From solar-powered surface and submersible pump irrigation kits to diesel-powered sprinkler systems, SARO offered solutions designed to ensure efficient water utilization and crop growth, even in the face of climatic uncertainties.

Moreover, SARO unveiled innovative solutions like the Solar Center Pivot, specifically crafted to cover areas up to 2.5 hectares per 7-day cycle. These cutting-edge technologies not only address immediate challenges but also contribute to the long-term sustainability and resilience of Zambia’s agricultural sector.

Through its commitment to providing reliable and efficient farming solutions, SARO Agro Industrial Limited remains dedicated to supporting Zambia’s agricultural development goals and empowering smallholder farmers to thrive in a changing climate landscape.

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