JOCK dog food is a premium scientifically formulated dog food. Using only the finest ingredients, it provides a complete balanced diet.

JOCK dog food is produced at the second-largest pet food extrusion facility in South Africa. The acquisition of the Martin & Martin dry pet food facility based in Isando was made public in April 2021. The state-of-the-art production facility provides employment for more than 120 people, including professional staff, production operators, technical and sales staff.

Transforming this grand factory into a profitable, lean-agile production facility that can meet the production output of consistent quality, JOCK dog food requires a focussed and dedicated team. The culture of the JOCK Pet Food team is characterised by entrepreneurship and customer-centred business.

JOCK dog food has been a well-known South African household name in pet lovers’ homes for years. The pet care industry has seen an enormous amount of change over the years, but one thing that remains constant is the quality of our highly palatable and balanced pet food, which is fundamental to the well-being of our furry friends.

JOCK dog food is scientifically formulated to unleash your dog’s inner legend, because heroes aren’t born, they’re made. JOCK is produced with human grade quality ingredients, highly palatable and delicious for man’s best friend, rich in protein and loaded with essential minerals and vitamins to satisfy your dog’s day-to-day nutritional needs. Good quality food is key to protecting your dog’s health and ensuring it enjoys all of life’s adventures at its physical and mental best.

For the JOCK team, the new production facility is a dream come true.

“The JOCK team works every day to serve more pets — our priority is to satisfy every dog’s nutritional needs by offering a broad product portfolio and innovations that help them live longer, happier, and healthier lives,” says JOCK Marketing Executive, Liezel van Bergen.

JOCK Dog Food is a proudly South African manufacturer of high-quality dry dog food. Unleash your dog’s inner legend with JOCK’s A-grade nutrition.

Available at selected veterinary practices, vet shops, pet shops and co-ops.

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